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For our fabric color swatches we were looking for a solution that provides true fabric colors in a handy format at an attractive price. These fabric color swatches show 30 seasonal type-specific colors with 3 brightness grades. They are complex printed microfiber cloths in the format 12 x 4 in (30 x 10 cm), and look or feel in no way inferior to fully dyed fabrics. On the contrary, the additional benefit is that these fabric color swatches can be stored in the spectacle case and have a practical secondary use as glasses cleaning cloths.

Single-sided printing enables that without turning all colors can be viewed simultaneously. As a flexible cloth, by folding it all colors can be shown side by side. White separators prevent the simultaneous contrast, what prevents optical color falsifications. All fabric color swatches reach up to the edges so that the colors can be compared with clothes colors conveniently.

For printing reasons, gold and silver are only simulated, but can be distinguished from the other true colors by a symbol. The color types are labelled with symbols, so they can be understood around the world. All color type name are in English in accordance with international (on the left) and European (on the right) practice. Easy-to-understand symbols enable classification by color brightness, color temperature and color saturation on which all the color systems are based.

Every fabric color swatch comes in a supplied plastic case with a Velcro fastener.

You will find an overview comparing all color swatch product lines in our color swatches comparison.

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