Differentiated Color Consultation with a structured Color System

9 types color system
10 types color system
12 types color system

Regardless of whether you are working with 9-, 10- or 12-color types, it is possible to make your advice more individualized and your results more precise, compared to the classic 4-color type system.

Imagine for a moment what it would mean to you if you were to advise in terms of an expanded color system that was logically constructed — in other words, understandable to everyone and at the same time, customer-oriented. You will revel in the feeling of being able to consult with assurance and a high level of customization.

In the process, you will have learned not simply a system that has structure but one that at the same time, has sufficient flexibility because neither a haphazard color analysis “by the book” nor a rigid one that enslaves will bring the customer either success or fun.

An overview of the figures, dates and facts related to the training course:

By booking 1.5 days, you will learn

  • the classification system for color in the three dimensions of brightness, temperature and saturation,
  • which colors are in which color category, including the respective neutral colors (black, gray, dark brown, dark blue, and shades of white) and color combinations,
  • to recognize which person is best served by which color type,
  • dealing with intermediate types using the additional analysis cloths,
  • what you still need to pay attention to with regard to the customer after completing the analysis (e.g. occupation, figure, age, physiognomy, etc.),
  • how to use the color passport,
  • how to deal with colors that do not suit the client,
  • a detailed review,
  • the sequential steps of the practical color consultation demonstrated on me,
  • practice with photographs of models.

By booking 2 days, you will, in addition, learn some more practical experience with

  • practice on an outside model. With my help you perform a complete color consultation. Online it would be at your home in front of the camera. At an online training you need to have the color drapes.
Online video training color consulting

Photo: Online video training color consulting

Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, including lunch break.
Location: Hamburg (Germany), other locations by arrangement; also possible as online video training in English in all regions of the world.
Prices including detailed training documents: 1.5 days (only available as online-training) 998.00 €, 2 days 1099.00 €.

The stated prices are total amounts. Value-Added Tax not included since this is tax-exempt training.

For detailed information on basic and advanced training offerings for color and style consultants please contact us.