Color Analysis 6-Part Drape Set Warm-Cool

Color Analysis 6-Part Drape Set Warm-Cool

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Compact 6-part analysis drape set with 2 x 3 color fabrics for warm-cool color analysis in a ca. 23.6 x 16.5 in (60 x 42 cm) format.

For color systems with 4, 10, 12 types

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This compact analysis drape set warm-cool is full of ideas and is a “readable” expression of your professionalism:

Analysis drape set warm-cool details

1 Polyester tissue with brilliant color reproduction with classy and unobtrusive surface appearance. For a trouble-free process, an optimal format of about 23.6 x 16.5 in (60 x 42 cm) that, folded once, fits perfectly into a separately available consultation case. Easy-to-clean, no-iron and crease-resistant. Washable in any home washing machine at 60°C. After washing, rinse thoroughly in clear water, then hang dripping wet to dry. No dryer.

2 Protection against fraying, thanks to a new procedure with which perfectly smooth and even edges are achieved without being disturbed by a hem, seam or overlock.

3 Our logo marks the full-color system of analysis tools and color passes, which are mutually 100% compatible.

4 The first complete color system in analysis drapes and color swatch fans with unambiguous drape names — that is, color names in English, French and German that are 100% compatible with one another.

5 Just like on our typology diagrams, symbols on all towels indicating “warm” or “cold” help to avoid mix-ups and make it possible for the customer t