Delivery to EU countries

We inform you about the shipping fees here. For customers with a VAT ID we can supply at net prices, if you create an account and leave your VAT-ID. Please note that sales tax liability is then transferred to you and you need to declare and pay VAT as per your local tax laws and regulations.

Deliveries to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

We also deliver to Switzerland / Liechtenstein, at net prices, i.e., German VAT does not apply. However, the Swiss import and sales tax is due on importation into Switzerland – which makes our goods a bit cheaper for customers based in Switzerland. The shipping service authorized by us will take care of the import declaration. The payment of the Swiss import- and sales tax is is due upon delivery at your site – and usually in cash. We inform you about shipping fees here.

If you order from Switzerland, but the goods are delivered to an address in German customs territory, we will have to charge the German VAT. If you then want to import the goods into Switzerland, you may recover the German VAT from German Customs upon presentation of our invoice. In return, you would need to declare the goods at Swiss customs and pay the Swiss VAT and import tax.

On request we also deliver to service providers that operate collection points or parcel boxes close to the border and help you with importation.

Delivery to other foreign countries

We ship worldwide. Delivery outside the EU will be made net, i.e. VAT exempt. Please note that, as a rule, import tax and duties incurring must be paid by you locally.

For a rough estimate of customs duties please click here. The required HS codes (Customs Tariff Codes) are displayed in the “Additional information” section on each product page.

For deliveries outside the EU over 1000.00 €, the delivery time is extended by 2-3 days, as we have to register the delivery for export at the German Customs and wait for approval.